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Kalindi Sarees

Green Elegant Paithani Silk Saree-Best Buy

Green Elegant Paithani Silk Saree-Best Buy

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Fabric: Silk

Blouse pc-0.8 mtr

Saree length-5.5 mtr


Dispacth Time- 10 to 12 days

Wash Care- Dry Clean Only

Refer Exchange policy for exchange and refunds.



Royal as it looks, these drapes will make you feel royal and shine in any occasion. The lovey paithani weaving is just so beautiful, making it look like a perfect ethnic attire. These sarees are definitely a great possession in every woman's life!  Coming from the Land of Maharashtra, these have a very royal feel when adorned! These drapes come with a simple blouse with border which adds to its charm. These drapes come in beautiful six colors.


Paithani sarees can be traced back to 2nd century BC in Satvahana Dynasty, at that time the paithani was made with pure gold wire with cotton and silk. The greeko Romans were very fond of this paithani saree 2000 years ago. They use to exchange gold for this luxurious Paithani saree. At that time this paithani was only worn by royals. Paithani was also known as "Pratishthani" as it was originated in the ancient city of Pratishthan now known as Paithan. Paithani is also known as "Dev vastra"(fabric of God). Paithani has a very rich history of 2500 years but still many of us are unaware. Historians have noted fine Paithani sarees with delicate gold and silver thread-work being sold in Greece in exchange for gold between 200 and 400 BC. In 18th century the Paithani thrived under the patronage of the Peshwas.

In today's day paithani saree is made with fine grade zari to make it an affordable saree by today's woman. Most famous paithani sarees are munia paithani (pattot weave) and peacock weaves paithani!

These were the ethnic attire of the royals in the past. Adorn these beauties today to live the royalty of past!

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