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Bridesmaids Drape Collection Newly Launched!

We have just launched our Bridesmaid Drape Collection, where we crafted our sarees in pure looms. This Summer Season, a pure banarsi saree is our Go To look for any wedding ceremony, engagement ceremony, haldi ceremony or and traditional event. This is the perfect ethnic attire we vouch for to look regal!

In our pure looms collection The fabric is pure, and the zari is fine and pure, the overall saree is so light and breezy to make you feel so comfortable. 

A pure Banarsi saree is every woman's first love, when it comes to wearing a sari! These sarees are timeless and are a treasure for life when possessed. With time, the value of these masterpiece only increase, and are totally a priceless possession.

Every saree is woven by artisans in Varanasi and each sari takes around 12 to 15 days to be woven. The beauty of these sarees depict the love and passion the weavers have put in while weaving. The grace, charm , beauty is enhanced due to the pure zari used in these sarees. The zari is pure and lasts a lifetime! The zari is like the soul of the sari which adds to its beauty. The motifs are all designed by our master weavers and they draw their best to bring smile to it's wearer.

You can check out our pure looms collection to see how beautiful the entire range is in the link below:

                          Pure Banarsi Collection

Bridesmaid Drape Sari


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